has been established in 2016 with the purpose of providing a ONE-STOP PLATFORM to all Africans interested in 3 things:

 in Africa and across the World

Business News

on the latest business developments across Africa

Finding a Lender/ Investor

interested in African Businesses

The Two4Africa Team is determined to make this website very dynamic, trying to update the page as frequently as possible by also asking readers to contribute and release articles.

The target audience of Two4Africa are established founders, investors as well as all interested onliners who want to obtain comprehensive and detailed information about upcoming Startups.

The founders of the website are Mr. Hubertus von Drabich and Mr. Tapiwa Nyandoro.

Hubertus von Drabich (Co-founder)

Hubertus is very passionate about TWO things: Africa & Business Startups. He is convinced that the core pillars of Africa’s success are generally based on innovation and entrepreneurship. Consequently, this passion has formed the foundation for

Over the last 10 years, Hubertus has made a number of investments into local African businesses of which he learned a great deal about business dynamics as well as local cultures. The latter is certainly an element which many foreign investors often forget, given Africa is NOT a country but a continent comprising of 54 very different countries.

As a silent investment partner, Hubertus often acts also as pro bono advisor, leveraging on his 15 years+ of work experience as a financial consultant.

Hubertus holds a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration and a MBA from the Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge, UK.

Tapiwa Nyandoro (Co-founder)

Tapiwa Nyandoro is the Regional Coordinator for an accelerator/incubator which supports social entrepreneurs. Currently his role is primarily geared towards ensuring the effective implementation of regional programming across the African continent. Additionally, Tapiwa is responsible for the communication and branding of 8 coworking spaces strategically located in various countries throughout the continent.

Tapiwa is a development practitioner with great interest in Africa, entrepreneurship and social impact. As a seasoned development consultant he values up-to-date market information and dedicates much of his time to analyzing market trends across Africa.

In his previous experiences, he took on research projects in several countries including: Canada, Costa Rica, Honduras, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Under contract from organizations like DFID and SIDA, Tapiwa has been able to remain on the pulse of Startups in Africa and the avenues which lead to economic growth.

Tapiwa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Globalization Studies from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.